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Here at Pet Talk Communications, we're all about helping pet parents and their furry besties get on the same wavelength! Our goal? To be your go-to for everything you need to chat, understand, and bond with your four-legged pals. Think of us as your friendly neighborhood pet whisperers, offering the coolest classes, workshops, and tips to help you and your pet understand each other better.

Whether you're figuring out why your cat loves that cardboard box more than her fancy bed or why your dog goes bananas every time the doorbell rings, we've got your back. Our approach is all about heart, smarts, and responsibility - because we know how much your pet means to you.

So, let's make those pet-human chats the best they can be, and have a blast while we're at it!

meet alex

a fun lovin', animal whisperin' super star with a passion to change the world & relationships with our furry friends

meet alex

a fun lovin', animal whisperin' super star with a passion to change the world & relationships with our furry friends

It’s a love that runs deep...

If you’ve explored this far I think it’s safe to say we have something in common, a deep love and appreciation for the animals we cohabitate this Earth with.

It’s a love that runs deep isn’t it?

If you agree, you’ve certainly made it to the right place!I spent much of my adult career working with humans. In addition I’ve been on a personal quest, removing layer after layer, to become the best version of myself. That led me to becoming a Master NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) Practitioner, Hypnotherapist, and Master Huna Practitioner. I loved working with humans, helping them better understand themselves, releasing what was unconsciously holding them back, etc.

However, I couldn’t ignore the knock at the door to take these healing modalities and bring them to the animal world.Since childhood I’ve been mildly (or not so mildly) obsessed with animals. I would talk to them at a young age, but I wasn’t always the animal communicator I am today!

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Once I decided that I wanted to bring this healing work to the animal world I knew the missing piece was to get skilled at the art of animal communication. I had done it a bit, but mostly at an unconscious level, like most people. I knew the key was to bring in conscious intention behind the skill and to practice and refine the art before I could effectively incorporate the healing work.

I developed this skill and before long I was getting pretty incredible results. Thus, my vision began to grow.

"This work was not only changing the lives of the animals and their owners, but it was changing mine as well."

I then asked all my animals to contribute to the work and help me create teachings that would allow everyone with an open heart and an open mind to learn this skill. My work is not only my creation, but theirs as well. Everyone has poured their heart into it, and with love we bring it to you.

It’s my mission to show people how powerful their mind is, open them up to deeper forms of connection, and spread the word to make a positive impact in the natural world in which we live.

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Want to Learn More about animal communication? Check out our classes!

Animal Communication Foundations (ACF) is a self-study course that you can take at your own pace and in the comfort of your own home! This robust and comprehensive six session course will take you on a journey into the world of animal communication, showing you first hand how anyone with an open heart can learn this skill.

Animal Communication for Beginners (ACB) with Alex Andersen provides a unique approach to learning animal communication. Taught from a Huna perspective, a well-founded ancient science and energy practice. ACB introduces practical application steps to hone in on this particular communication skill.

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