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Alex Andersen

Founder & Lead Trainer

Master communicator

Alex Andersen, or "Pet Talk With Alex," is the owner and founder of Pet Talk Communications. She is dedicated to giving animals a voice through her work both in sessions and when she helps others learn how to do this skill. Her waitlist for a session is currently 2.5-3 years out, please know that you will not be notified for booking opportunities until it is your turn. However, we know how valuable this work is so we'd like to give you a few options to get in with an animal communicator!


"Alex is incredible. I have had a couple of different readers for my horse over a long period of time and this was BY FAR my favorite and best session I've had with my horse. She is incredibly detailed and picked up on stuff that only myself and my vet knew. I was absolutely blown away by how she was able to bring my horse's personality into the reading so well and help him and I connect and understand each other. She is incredibly talented and I could not be more happy with our session."

"I am so (happily) emotional about our first session with Alex. I am learning about animal communication and this is the session that convinced me to open myself up to learn how to do this and be better at it. Alex hit on so so many points that there was no way that she could have researched or found out via social media, etc. She made me laugh, cry, and do a couple double takes. I am walking away with so many take-aways that will help me moving forward and I'm so excited to learn more."

Kayla Gower (Pribble)

MASTER GRAD STUDENT | Associate Trainer | Master Communicator

Kayla has been working with animals in a professional setting for over 13 years. While most of that time was spent having strong "gut feelings" about what animals needed/wanted, it was during the beta-ACB class that she was able to really make her first meaningful connections. She initially used this skill to help with her rescue/foster work on her mini farm, but then quickly discovered her love of helping others communicate with their own pets and decided to open up her books for "just a few sessions". Fast forward, she has now done hundreds of client sessions with people all across the globe and now helps coach students in the Pet Talk classes. She was previously known for using her social media platform to share funny animal stories or advocate for her newest rescue animal, she now has the fun bonus of being able to share what her sassy cow, Penny, is actually thinking.


"Kayla helped us work through a number of things so effectively!! Kodiak (6yo chocolate lab mix) gets anxious when I leave home (such a Mama's boy!), but he did great this past weekend when I was out of state! Through Kayla, I was able to let him know how long I'd be gone; he was able to express some things the rest of the family could do to make him feel less anxious. Also, we've been able to go on walks without him pulling so much!! He still gets excited, but we're making it a half hour. Previously, we'd turn around before the end of the block because I was so frustrated with his pulling. In addition, Louie (2yo intact Cavalier King Charles) has marked ONCE in the house in the last week and a half. He had been marking inside every day or two. This is AWESOME!Thank you SO MUCH, Kayla!!“

"Kayla has been amazing! I have worked with her several times now and it’s just awesome to truly be able to communicate with my cats. Kayla very quickly articulated each of their very different personalities and helped me plan for a move with them. I check in with her almost monthly so I can be sure they are doing well with the move and she has been able to let me know specific toys and treats they have requested, along with special 1:1 time for each. She’s amazing!"

Allie McMahon


Allie has always been an avid lover of nature with a special affinity for animals of all kinds. She has spent the last 13 years fostering her connection to nature through landscaping, but was always an animal person first, plant person second. Animal communication opened a door for her to serve & support animals in a way she’d been looking for all her life. She is passionate about using her ability to strengthen our understanding of all animals, as it improves both their lives and ours in immeasurable ways.


"Allie has done sessions for all my pets many times and each time I’m completely blown away by the accuracy and information she receives - she’s my number one go to for anything related to my animals and I trust her implicitly. I honestly haven’t had a session with anyone as talented and skilled as her and cannot recommend her highly enough! Not only is she such an incredibly down to earth, kind and understanding person but she really has truly phenomenal skill in animal communication that’s not only insanely accurate but she picks up on things that others don’t and gets real, tangible results. I’ve seen a huge positive change in my own pets after sessions with her - 11 years of certain behavior's I had no idea the reason for and she’s able to tune in and explain to me why, provide understanding and give me a deeper connection with my pet and amazing changed positive behavior - all from one session. You are in completely safe hands with Allie, she is deeply insightful and has such incredible skill and I truly can’t give her a higher recommendation!“

"My husband and I recently adopted our rescue dog, Nugget. He and I were having some significant trouble adjusting to one another, and at one point I had pretty much fully convinced myself that he disliked me entirely. Allie was able to communicate not only my feelings and worries to him, but she was able to bring me his perspective and his own feelings and worries about me. Turns out the two of us were trapped in a bit of an anxiety and uncertainty feedback loop. Having this insight really helped both of us start to break that pattern. Our relationship is so much better now! We have had a few sessions since then related to health issues he is dealing with, and every time Allie is able to pass on valuable insight on Nugget’s perspective, and share ours with him. Her session notes are always very thorough and detailed. I recommend her highly!

Emily Gemignani


Hey there! My name is Emily and I live in Arizona with my husband and two daughters; we have a frenchie, a Koi fish pond in the backyard, and ride horses regularly. I have worked with dogs in many capacities such as a dog walker, pet sitter, groomer, and in retail pet stores; I’ve always been drawn to working with animals. My mother is a medium, growing up I was exposed to different experiences related to that way of thinking and animal communication is the perfect marriage of these two things; my love for animals and my intuitive side.


“My first introduction to Emily was on Instagram. I was instantly drawn to her because of her calm demeanor and sweet personality. I contacted her to connect with my 15yr old dog who is still living, and almost completely blind and deaf. I wanted to know if he was in any pain, if he was happy, and if we could do anything for him to make him more comfortable. Emily recorded and sent a beautiful 30 minute summary of her connection with him, which was very helpful because I have gone back and listened to it several times. Emily’s voice is so soothing and she was so in tune with knowing details about my dog, down to what our yard looks like and what he is feeling, which was really cool. She reassured me he was happy, and helped me understand his anxiety and what he needs from me moving forward. Overall it was a great experience and I have recommended Emily to several of my friends.”

"I have gone to Emily several times to chat with many of my own pets, and have witnessed her results with others, and I can happily attest to her impressive abilities to effectively communicate with animals. Not only have I seen her accuracy in action, I’ve also been lucky enough to be on the receiving end of her kind, compassionate, and curious nature as she has conducted her sessions with my animals and it is a joy to watch. I have always felt safe going to her for help, no matter how sensitive or near to my heart the topic at hand, because I know how well cared for my animal will be throughout her time with them. She has shared messages from a recently passed on pup of mine that I will always be able to treasure, and even helped solve a 15 year old mystery with one of my families cats. I have the utmost respect and trust in her work and I couldn’t recommend her more!"

Madi Thompson


Hi, I'm Madi! I'm a Kansas City, MO, based virtual pet communicator, pet groomer, grooming mentor and pet parent! I've been a pet groomer for over 8 years. This and caring for my own animals has opened up my eyes to the amazing world of pets and their individually unique experiences and needs. Combining my love for animals with my spiritual practices; I've found animal communication! Thanks to my mentors, I've been able to connect to animals' hearts to help bridge the gap between pet and pet parent.

They Said:

"Reunited June has been found! Thank you Madi for your assistance! If anyone has any animal communication needs, Madi is your person."


“Madi has talked to two of my dogs now. In each instance, I gave her very little information, and she was able to give me so much back that she shouldn't have known. In both cases I've been able to better connect with each dog. I highly recommend her, and will continue to use her services.”

"Madi was amazing!! I was very skeptical, but gave it a try due to his rare diseases that I was desperate for answers on how he’s feeling. Madi was able to target the exact points his disease affects & other areas of concern. She was able to get feedback on medicine affects and other valuable information on Jackson himself! I will be booking another appointment in the future and already recommended Madi to others!"

Kala Fleck


I graduated back in May 2023 after doing both Alex’s animal communication course and the Masterclass. Since then I’ve dedicated hundreds of hours to practicing and honing my skills and being involved in pro bono work.

Giving animals a voice, sharing their perspective and seeing the impact this has on enhancing both you and your pets lives through this form of communication is something I’m deeply passionate about, so I’m thrilled to be able to offer sessions and help foster an even deeper connection and understanding between you and your pet than you already have!

They Said:

"Every conversation Kala has with a pet is worth it’s weight in gold and anyone would be lucky to have the chance to work with her!"


“I have worked very closely with Kala for several months and I have been consistently blown away by her abilities as an animal communicator. Not only is her talent phenomenal, and her accuracy exceptional, but she’s also taken care to build an excellent rapport with my pets and put them at ease about sharing important things with us. I have complete and total trust in her, as there hasn’t been a moment that any information she’s given us hasn’t felt 100% true!”

“Kala has connected with a few different animals that recently arrived here at our sanctuary. She has helped us so much in understanding what these animals have gone through and what they need to heal. All of it was 100% correct!!! We were blown away. She also described the personality of the goat and how she would act after she was healed and she was spot on!! If you are looking for an animal communicator who can give you answers to how your pet feels, what they are thinking or if they need help healing in any way, Kala can make that happen!!!”

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